Who Is Dr Jr Barton?

The number of millionaires is always increasing day in day out. Maybe I’ll be on of them in the future?

The new millionaires do have reliable ways and business they are using to join the elite millionaires club.

Some of the aspiring millionaires just need some reliable insight so that they can cross to the other side of making millions.

This is why there are several programs and books written to inspire those individuals who want to be rich.

Anyhow I recently came across an article on Dr JR Barton whilst browsing my favourite review blog, nobsimreviews.com (here’s the article on the 10 minute millionaire)

Here is where Dr. Barton Jr 10 Minute Millionaire program comes. The program claims to help people create more millionaires from stock trading business.

Who is the creator?

Obviously, the program has a creator. The creator is Dr.Barton a guru in Chemical engineering who later became a professional trader. He has been a great figure in a number of notable activities. For instance, Dr.Barton is one of the founders of Smart Trade Pro. He is an experienced stock trader, one that will give you insight on what Stock trading is all about. Dr. Barton Jr is determined to assist people who are passionate about stock trading succeed. This genuine urge can be confirmed by his idea of creating the 10 Minute Millionaire program.

How does it work?

Dr. Barton Jr 10 Minute Millionaire program claims to help you in stock trading in many ways. For instance, the program relays insight that is supported by accurate data, clear direction and reliable steps aimed at enhancing your investment plan.

The book spells out ways that can help you get great returns, by putting together capital and income appreciation. You will also be in the line of learning how to make the most out of any opportunity that comes your way. The program covers topics such as maximizing on investments, retirement income, low-return plans, creating exceptional returns among many more opportunities. However, it is not a guarantee that this program will give you those excellent results you need. It is very important that you consider other avenues.

Is the product/service a scam?

Definitely not one of the best method to use when you want to make money out of stock trading. This program will not guarantee you that success you need. It is only applicable to individuals who are passionate about reading and seeking knowledge. The program might be misleading in some way. The systems and strategies in the program have been tested and found unreliable. This just proves how the program is a liability and not worth purchasing. Stock trading just requires significant study and training before getting to become a guru in this business. The program has been hyped just to attract more buyers. This is not a product you should rely on if your aim is to make a lot of money from stock trading. Stay woke!


• Just a good program that can give you a hint about what stock trading is all about. Newbies to this business will get a rough idea or rather overview of what stock trading is all about.

• Provides a few strategies on stock trading. The program will just give you a tip of the iceberg on how to make a fortune from stock trading. Only smart and literate individuals can take up that insight and make some good amount of money.


• Unreliable
This is not a program you can rely on if you want to make money from stock trading. Its strategies and steps are not that effective.

• Misleading analogies and nonsensical stories
The program will just waste your precious time by subjecting you to some analogies that will not enhance your trading. You would instead spend that time talking to an expert of stock trading.

• Only provides ideas
The program does not give a clear strategy for implementing those strategies. This is one of the reasons why it is not helpful to a lot of people. Only smart people can unravel a reliable way of implementing those ideas for their own good.


Stock trading is not a very easy venture. It needs a lot of planning and knowledge about stock markets so that you can make some reasonable amount of money.

This could definitely help you but it is no silver bullet.

Gurus really are the right people to follow as long as they are proven, one of the people I have been following lately is Shah Gilani from 10X Trader who has a proven track record.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first ever review on the 10 minute millionaire inspired by some of my mentors in the game.

Check back for more reviews and recommendations coming soon.


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